Thursday, February 18, 2021

Winners for #207-Hearts

 Hello Crafters, 

  I hope you are all doing well! What a fabulous gallery the team and I had to admire both with and without the topping for our latest challenge!  Let's go see which cards caught my attention the most over the past two weeks. Just so you know I struggled with these choices for a few days as there were so many wonderful cards to chose from! 


You both managed to "Take the Cake" this week!!
We hope you will enjoy your Winner's Badge!

Now, this week's Runner Ups who will be receiving 
"Birthday Honours" are...




We hope you ALL will enjoy your "Honours" badge.

Now, stick around because in one hour,
we will be posting our new challenge 
for the next two weeks!
So please stay tuned!



  1. Congratulations to Tracy and all the other honours! Thank you for the win. Unfortunately Blogger has taken my honors page away from me and I don't know why. When and if I figure it out, I'll add this honor.

  2. Oh wow!!! Thank you so much for picking me this week Nancy, so very kind of you. Congrats to Bonnie and the honorable mentions as well. So many lovely cards.

  3. Thank you Nanc! 🎉🎉🎉 Congratulations to my friend, Bonnie, on a well deserved win along with Tracy. Congrats to Lee Ann and Stef as well.


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