Monday, January 7, 2013

Seize The Birthday

Welcome to Seize the Birthday! This is a weekly challenge blog, aimed at helping you get those birthday cards done for him and for her...

There will be 2 sketches per month for you to try but there is a is the monthly rotation:

Week One-Sketch A- Girly Birthday
Week Two-Sketch A- Masculine Birthday
Week Three-Sketch B- Girly Birthday
Week Four-Sketch B- Masculine Birthday

That's right! Each sketch will be used twice but the first week we will use the sketch to make a feminine birthday card and the during the second week, we will use that same sketch to make a masculine birthday card!

We will announce a winner each week!

This challenge will be starting on Thursday, January 10th! We hope you will be back to join us!

Any product is welcome and you are welcome to create a birthday card, invitations, tags, gift bags or anything else you may need for an upcoming birthday!

The design team will be announced soon.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a great idea for a challenge blog - I'm looking forward to January 10th!
    Cheers, Karen

  2. Can't wait for this to start. Who doesn't always need birthday cards, especially masculine ones.

  3. Sounds fun! Esp. to make manly cards!

  4. This will fill a big hole in my collection, thanks for creating this blog, Lesley! Can't wait til January! ;)

  5. Your the best, Lesley! Can't wait for this challenge to begin! :)

  6. Hi Lesley, Good Luck I am sure this blog will be a success for you. Since I have known you there has always been a surprise just around every corner and a challenge or two. LOL. You are amazing!!

  7. I agree with Susan. You're always full of surprises. Never a dull moment! Birthday cards are always needed and how nice to have some done ahead of time so there's not a last minute scramble.

  8. This challenge sounds like fun! I can't wait for the challenges to begin! :)

  9. Awesome .... what a great site this will be .... you've got a winner here Lesley!!!

    Huge kudos to you with this new challenge blog .... love it!!!

  10. So excited for this challenge site! It will stock up the Birthday Card Box!

  11. cool idea, cant wait to join sketches

  12. Awesome idea. I am always finding myself short of Masculine birthday cards. This will be an awesome time to stock up some.