Surprise Party Guests

List of Our Past
 Surprise Party Guests

Anita -  October and November 15'

Tanja- December and January 15'-16'

Jacquie Southas- February and March 16'

Patti-   April and May 2016

Mynn-  June and July 16'

Monika Reeck August and September 16'

Sherrie   Oct. and Nov. 16'

Rahmat- Jan. and Feb. 17'

Anita B. March and April 17'

Cathy -  May and June 17'

Lindsey - July and Aug. 17'

Becca Cruger- Sept. - Nov. 17'

Kristie Goulet- and Feb. 18'

Kimberly Lackenbach - March and April 18'

Sonja K- May and June 18'

Trinia- July and Aug. 18'

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